July 10

How To Build A Culture That Attracts & Keeps Clients For Life

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“Culture is not yours or mine, it’s shared.” – Alex Kuhn

I know you are someone who wants to create a MASSIVE IMPACT. You have a message that has the capability to transform someone’s life. To reach people, you’ve spent your limited time, money and energy perfecting your marketing plan, developing your sales skills, and hiring talent to help take your vision to the masses.

With all the time, money and energy spent, the result has been…well, not exactly what you were looking for.

It hurts. In fact, I’m hurt for you. I know you are one of the good people. The person who possesses honesty, integrity & courage. The founder, the leader who decided to create something from nothing, in the name of improving our society.

So why didn’t it work? As I often see with my clients and many other overwhelmed leaders, the one area most often overlooked is your culture.

So why is culture important? It’s the foundation of your business that permeates through every single aspect of your business. Your client will, at one point in time, touch each and every aspect of your business…especially if you want to keep them for life. If we want to make more impact…if we want to generate a movement…we must have a culture that is aligned with our business.

In order to erect a culture that is clear, connects with our audience, and generates conviction deep inside our clients to take action (buy happily) and stay for life (feel secure and fulfilled), we must first understand that a culture is not yours or mine, it is shared.

A shared culture is an evolutionary culture. Meaning…it’s up to you as the leader to be constantly in tune with 3 specific tangible aspects of your business.


Vision is not a “purpose” or a “mission statement”. It is also not an inspirational picture that is on the desk or hung on the wall. Vision is a tangible outcome that connects you to your audience. In fact, your audience often knows their purpose, but very rarely knows their vision.

As a leader, that is where you come in. Your vision must be clear, instantly connects, and resonates with both you and your audience.


Everybody wants to “belong”. They want to find a “home”. The emotion of feeling alone is one of, if not, the most painful emotions a person can feel. The result is people are trying to find a group of people who mirror them in a variety of ways.

As a leader, you can be the “hero” of the story. When you have a vision that resonates deeply with the person, now you can truly understand who this person is and create a welcoming environment.


Transformational. Enlightening. Fulfilling. These are emotions that express more than just satisfaction. Every business shares this in common: they solve problems. Yet, it’s the businesses that listen and go far and beyond the expectation of their tribe.
As a leader, you are the one who needs to not only listen to their problems but understand where they want to go BEFORE the client even knows. Rather than being a commodity, you become their secret weapon. A secret weapon that they wish to work with for…life.

As you begin to move forward, ask yourself this question: how would you rate yourself in each of these categories?

Talk soon!
Alex Kuhn

PS – In 2018, we are going to transform 68 Founders & Leaders purposes into movements that generate massive impact, fulfillment and revenue (grow to a min. of $20k/month).

This is how my team and I can help you.

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