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Featured in Entrepreneur® Magazine!

 November 5, 2019

By  Alex Kuhn

Entrepreneur Magazine - Alex Kuhn

“Intentions are transformed with attention”

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Today is one of those days I am grateful for you.

I’ve been on this entrepreneurial journey for roughly 8 years with many highs and lows. Barely being able to eat in my first leadership position as a college assistant swim coach. My first three businesses failing without much to show for my efforts other than piles of late bills and creditors calling. People who I thought loved me and supported me vanishing into thin air the moment I struggled. Worst of all, having those voices in my head saying, “who do you think you are?”…questioning myself and in the famous words of Les Brown, asking myself, “Can I do this?!?!”

Today is a day to celebrate and most importantly thank you.

I have the pleasure and honor to mentor, coach and lead an transformation organization that inspires, supports, guides, trains, and grows entrepreneurial leaders and their businesses all over the world. Because of your trust and growth, we’ve not only surpassed our goals…but I was featured today on the front page of Entrepreneur®.

While this is my story, history, philosophy and vision distilled into a 2000 word article, it’s my deep, rooted reasons for why I will continue to serve each of you to the best of my abilities.

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Alex Kuhn

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