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Building A $100k/month Coaching Business Requires One Shift.

 May 7, 2020

By  Alex Kuhn

After working with thousands of purpose-driven entrepreneurs…⁣

Helping to turn their purpose into a movement…⁣

Building $10k, $20k, $100k/month businesses…⁣

That provide the lifestyle to work out, have their weekends, retire their spouses…⁣

In one sentence, this statement says all one needs to know about how to build your business.⁣

So many businesses are building businesses that may feed their bank…but will bankrupt their life.⁣

Because many build a business model around “time in, time out”⁣

If I told you that in order to build the business of your dreams, I would need 10 week rather than 10 years…isn’t there incredible value in that?⁣

Yet, so many build packages & programs that equate to buying one’s hours.⁣

The biggest change you can make to your product immediately is to understand your value isn’t your time, but the results one will get from you.⁣

Do you have that program right now? Let me hear from you.

Alex Kuhn

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