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​There was an easier, simpler, faster way to fill your business with premium clients?

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Are you ready to build a one-of-a-kind business and hit 6 and 7 figures with premium clients? 

If so, then this just may be...

A Defining Moment For You...

Hi! My name is Alex Kuhn. I grow client-based businesses by helping them stand out in a crowded market and turn prospects into premium clients.

​But what I do is less important than why.

Like you, I've always loved working with people. What I've come to realize is that my favorite people to work with are those who help others. Those who create businesses to improve lives.

I've been fortunate to help 100's of business owners...​

  • Go from very little to well over 6 and 7-figure businesses.
  • Go from struggling to find clients to filling their inbox and calendars with appointments.
  • Stop being frustrated by how little they charge to making more money with one client than they use to with ten.
  • Going from having no time to growing a business AND reducing their work hours.
  • Stop getting discourage because they finally know what they need to do.

If this sounds good to you, then that defining moment may be right now! Because I want to give you a taste of reaching your goals by offering you a free Clarity Accelerator™ Call.

What Is A Clarity Accelerator™ Call?

You and I both do the same thing...we help people. So naturally, we both get  a question that sounds like this:

What should I do?

Because of technology, you have access to more information and "how-to" advice than ever before!

This may sound good...except you don't have THE have TOO many answers!

In fact, it may not be good advice, or even guidance that works specifically for your business.

This is why you don't need a "strategy session", a "how-to" video, or a new piece of software.

You need clarity. You need simple and actionable steps that create results.

That is why I created the Clarity Accelerator™. In roughly 45 minutes, I want to personally help you...

  • Understand which of the 3 Laws of Growth™ you must focus on.
  • Throw away the "junk" in your business (i.e. the tactics, strategies, processes that you shouldn't do)
  • Discover what makes your business a "One-of-a-Kind"
  • Create a 80/20 Schedule that takes advantages of your strengths and connects well with your perfect client.

Normally, this call is $500 because people, just like you, come off this call and have results like this:

For the next 24 hours, I want to offer you this call for FREE. It's the first time I've ever offered this call for free. 

This isn't for people who want "free advice" that they'll never use. This is for people who are...

  • Action Takers - People who are more interested in the "doing" rather than constantly wondering if this will work.
  • Committed - Even if business is not good right now, you know that this what you should be doing
  • Brave - Even though you've faced obstacles and setbacks, you keep going. Finally,...
  • "Better Tomorrowers" - Yes, you won't find this word in the dictionary. But I've found those that are successful believe tomorrow will be better.

If you are ready to put yourself first and to get more done in 45 minutes than you have in the past 45 days, then click on the button below to schedule your free Clarity Accelerator™ Call.

I understand you may be thinking...

Why Free? What's The Catch?

I know this is where I'm suppose to say...  

There's no catch, so just sign up!

But just like I was telling my 6-year old nephew the other day:

You never want to lie. So just like I told him, I will never lie to you either.

I promise you that the Clarity Accelerator™ Call is "all stuff and no fluff". It will make a difference.

But as mentioned before, I wanted to give you a taste of how powerful the Society is and to see if you would be a strong applicant.

What Society you ask? It's called...

The Rapid Evolution Society™

“This is not another mastermind or coaching program…this is your society, a place you can call home.”

The Rapid Evolution Society™ is an exclusive group I personally work with to MASSIVELY grow their client-based business and join the elite ranks of their industry. 

When I started this group, I had three distinct objectives.

1). Create An “Implementation” Place – You don't need more than training. You need a place that will make sure you properly implement the strategies and tactics to work in your field. If it was as simple as copying and pasting the what someone else did it, then everyone would be successful!

2) Challenge The Notion of "Slow & Steady" – Yes, I believe it takes time to build something worthwhile. But I also believe success can happen faster than what many people believe. It’s frustrating for me to see businesses that are “stuck” or growing “slowly”. The Society debunks this notion and challenges you to think and act differently.

3) Build A “Home” – Let’s be honest: it’s tough to have your own business. While you may have loved one’s who support you, they may not get what you are going through. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a place people who "get it" who encourage you, push you, and are willing to share what they have learned?

I Want You To Meet Jason...

Jason is founder and owner of an IT consulting business.

He is also a loving husband and father of two children. When we first met, he was concerned about his ability in sales as he would describe himself as a classic introvert.

Despite having just started his company, he decided to invest his time and money working with me to help him grow his business. By providing him a place for coaching, training and accountability, he was able to hit $80,000 per month in just under a year.

Can Everyone Do This?

Yes and no. Let me explain why I speak from both sides of my mouth.

I say yes because I do believe everybody has what it takes. You don't have to be well-known or have ton of money to grow your business fast. Here are some two members who achieved similar success...

Meet Bill...

Bill is consultant and owner of 3 Point Group. When I met Bill, there were questions of whether he was going to continue to operate the business and just focus on his day job. Once we started working, it was clear there was an opportunity to become the premium player in his industry. He was able to raise prices by 33% without losing a client and grew to earn more than $500,000 in one year.

Meet Mei...

Mei is the founder of Live Young Intl., who's mission is to help individuals achieve & build healthy businesses. Struggling with clarity and how to connect with her audience, she contacted me for help. From the first meeting, she felt reinvigorated and clear on the direction she needed to go. Since working together, Mei has seen her team triple in size and was recognized and achieved Star status based on her revenue growth.

So why do I say no?

Unfortunately, not everyone is willing to invest the time and energy to make it happen.

Not everyone is willing to give more than they take.

That is why...​

We Are Selective In Who We Accept

We are looking for those who want to cut years off their learning curve and transform their businesses NOW.

We are looking for people who bring tremendous value to the clients they work with.

We are looking for people who know a better life is out there for them and their loved ones…and they are done wasting time getting there.

So really...​

Why Does This Society Work?

Having personally coached, trained and mentored the top performers for more than 20 years in industries that include business, personal development, health, athletics, academics, child development, and spirituality, I learned something...

People who succeed never do it alone. In fact, I’ll go one step further.

People who achieve massive success have connected themselves with others who are constantly learning, growing and challenging themselves.

That is what makes us unique.

We combine up-to-date knowledge with the personal touch to make sure you are not only learning, but doing what works in today's market.

There is no other place you get full access to me. Only my high-ticket consulting clients get the access members in our Society receive. However,...

Before You Apply...

Please understand that we do not accept all applications. We do this because we want to make sure those who are accepted are in the right place in their business to succeed.

Instead of you guessing, let me tell you what we're looking for (and yes, I personally look at every application)

  • Client-Based Business That Is Generating Revenue - No question we are going to show you business from a whole new perspective. But this group is much more valuable to those who have generated revenue.
  • Selling (or looking to sell) Premium Services - If you currently sell programs that are $97 or $197 programs, great! That being said, we want our members to raise their standards and realize they offer tremendous value and can earn WAY more.
  • Adaptable & Ready to Hit "Go" - Everything is theory until you put it into practice. What you will be taught is tested and proven to work. However, it needs to be customized to work best for you. But you gotta be willing, as Nike says, "Just Do It".
  • Share Your Successes & Setbacks - Many of my best teaching moments with you will be what I did that DIDN'T work and what I did DIFFERENTLY to make it successful.
  • No Jerks Policy - If you are negative, put anyone down, or steal confidential information, you'll be asked to leave the group immediately (no refunds and no exceptions). This is a place to share a good joke, build each other up, share business knowledge, build key contacts and make friends that will last a lifetime.

If you’re still reading this letter, then it’s safe to assume that you’re interested in joining the Society. As you’ll see…

Membership Has Its Benefits

All applicants accepted into the Rapid Evolution Society™ receive the following:

Clarity Accelerator Call™
(Value of $500)

I personally get on the phone with you to tell you exactly what you are doing wrong right now and how to quickly fix it. This hyper-focused session is all about cutting out the clutter in your business and getting to the root of what will get you growing the fastest.

Monthly Implementations
(Value of $5000)

We meet at least 2 times (usually more) per month, where I (or another expert) will personally teach and help you implement the necessary steps to rapidly grow your business. Imagine leaving a training session not just with “information”, but with actual step-by-step actions you need to take.

Accountability Board
(Value of $10,000)

Only my high-end clients are able to reach out and get a hold of me. This is your own portal to contact me or other members of the Society. There is amazing power when you are able to share your successes and failures, and receive feedback that will keep you moving forward.

Rapid Evolution Formula™
(Value of $15,000)

Working hard helps, but working hard with the right tools and know-how will make all the difference. I open up the entire formula that I have used to grow mine and clients businesses. I hold nothing back and everything I ever create will be added to the Society first.

Momentum Check-Ins
(Value of $1,000)

A simple “how are you doing and what do you need help with?” can be the difference between being stuck and launching forward. A team member or myself will get on the phone with you and help you clear up any challenges you are facing.

Performance Profile™
(Value of $2,000)

How often do we get stuck in our own head and can't seem to get moving forward? Why is it that we get along with some people and struggle to connect with others? This proprietary profile will uncover the answers to help you become more productive and quickly build better relationships. This is a game-changer.

Rapid Evolution Live™
(Value of $2,500)

There is nothing better than getting out of the office and being in a new town working on your business rather than in your business. This live event is all stuff with no fluff. Leave this event with new actions and friends to grow your business. Plus, we live it up!

You can see all the benefits membership offers those accepted. So that begs the question...

How Do You Get In?

Well first, you must believe in yourself and have the courage to apply. You and I will never know if the Society can alter the course of your business without chatting.

I care about the people who are interested in joining. That is why I personally look at each application that we receive. No matter what, either I or a team member will set up a time to talk with you about your application.

We want to get to know you on a deeper level because I truly care about those who are and aren't accepted into the Society. Even those who aren’t accepted, you have taken the time out of your busy schedule to talk with me or my staff. I am grateful for that and the least I can do is provide you guidance and recommendations in what you should do.

But any successful journey starts with the first step. That first step today…you gotta fill out the application.

It's Time For You To Make The
Money & Impact
You Know Your Capable Of

There's No Obligation To Join If You Apply

One Final Word...

I've always believed in people and their power to achieve what others describe as "impossible". That is what my clients and members of the Rapid Evolution Society do everyday...break down the doors of the impossible.

Whether you decide to apply for the Rapid Evolution Society™ or not, embrace the steps to break down the walls of the impossible.


Alex Kuhn
Founder, Rapid Evolution Society™​

P.S. - Since we focus on RAPID improvement, I get asked constantly if there is a "secret sauce"?

You may have also heard that "hard work" is the secret sauce to success.

I disagree

I know many people who work hard AND are like hamsters on the stationary wheel. They have a lot of motion but no movement

In my experience, those who achieve RAPID success combine the following: Hard Work + Connections + Timed Tactics

That's what you'll get in the Rapid Evolution Society™

Frequently Asked Questions...

What is the Rapid Evolution Society™

The Rapid Evolution Society™ is an exclusive group made of high-achieving client-based business owners who wish to rapidly grow their business through an "implementation-style" of events that may include one-on-one coaching, live training events, accountability board, intimate power sessions, and peer-to-peer networking.

How do I know if I am accepted into the Society?

Every applicant who applies for the program will first fill out a set of questions to better gauge your ability to be successful if accepted. All applicants will get a Skype/Phone Call with either Alex Kuhn or one of his team members. You will be notified if you have been admitted to the Society or not. Even if you are not accepted, you will be provided suggestions and recommendation as to what will help you move forward with your business. 

How Long Does It Take To Complete The Trainings?

The Rapid Evolution Formula™ trainings are distributed weekly in a systematic fashion so you are not overloaded. In fact, the trainings are made simple and easy to implement by design. While learning is powerful, it's your actions and movements that will grow your business fastest.

Will what I learn be applicable anywhere?

You can be anywhere in the world! We have worked with clients and members from all over the world, including the United States, Canada, Europe, South America, and Australia. What members learn in the Society applies to any part of the world. co It doesn't matter where you live, you can sell internationally. In fact, with our process, you'll never personally handle the products if you don't want to.

What is the Investment to join?

Honestly, to join the Society isn't low cost (what is considered "low" we found varies from person to person). We have found a strong correlation between those who invest heavily in themselves and those who succeed.

That being said, we have worked with many prior Society members to help make joining a financial possibility, provided they meet the other qualifications. This qualifications include, but aren't limited to a driven individuals, positive attitude, established skill/talent, and desire to grow rapidly.

Does this require any additional investment?

That will be entirely up to you. While we will recommend investing in technologies (i.e. email autoresponder, website) and advertising (i.e. Facebook Ads) to help automate and scale your business, we have helped clients grow with just their hard work and a notebook.

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